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Fire Station Visit

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Legend got to visit Hialeah fire station #5 courtesy of our cousin Sam, which is a firefighter himself. Legend got to meet the captain of the station. He got to get on a new fire truck that came in, and the ambulance on the facility. We learned about fire engineers who are responsible for driving, operating, and maintaining the fire department operation. Before this visit, I assumed that if you’re a firefighter you can drive the fire truck, but that’s not the case. You must be a fire engineer. The tour of the fire station was just outside the station and vehicle due to COVID restrictions. It was still an enjoyment for him to be on the vehicles he adores to see a lot. All you heard from Legend “It’s a fire truck”; It’s an ambulance with a huge smile on his face. Firefighters save hearts and homes. We salute you.

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