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Legend Visit Dubai

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Legend and I took a trip to Dubai for his uncle's 40th birthday celebration. Most of the family attended this trip. It is Legend’s second international flight, but his longest flight. We flew Emirates airlines, and the staff and service did a great job accommodating his sensory processing issues. He was excited to see and be on a huge plane, The Boeing 777. It was a smooth ride. Landing in Dubai we both had to adjust to the heat it’s the hottest time around in June. Legend was excited to get on the private bus that picked us up.

The excitement from the plane ride and now on a mega bus was exhilarating for him. Driving to the hotel we passed and view Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, and Burj AL Arab. The city lights at night are beautiful. We visited the Gold Souk (the market) it was hot, but a good experience so much too purchased. We went on a Dubai desert safari adventure that included ATV riding (Legend is too small but got to watch in the SUV that followed us around), Camel riding which was Legend's favorite time. He was excited to see the camels, ran up, and started touching them. He did an amazing job on the camel ride. They also had food and entertainment. We had a beach day at FIVE beach clubs. Legend loves the water so another great experience. He did not want to leave.

We did a sightseeing tour very informative to learn about the emirates and the culture. We went to one of the world's largest and most riches mosques, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dubai, it was beautiful we dressed in our appropriate attire for the mosque. Women in abaya & Shayla and men in a Kandura. The serenity of the mosque felt very purified and peaceful. We spent 8 days there and it was much more we would like to see. The Emiratis and ex-pats were nice and inviting as long everyone abided by the rules of the country. Overall, this was a wonderful experience for both of us. Until our next international adventure, Dubai was great to us.

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